Elkton Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Helen Bowers                                   Dana Shoup
Warren White                                   Bailey Christensen
William Andrews                              Jane Barrow
David Blevins & Family                     Toni Roberts
Myrtis Norman                                  Danny Hardy
Calista Pope                                     Lincoln Oaks Smith
Kari Blackley                                    Natalee Emerson
George Hurst                                    Gary Turner
Ruby James                                      Henry "Son" Carter
Cornelius Rich                                  Bruce Barber Sr
Andy & Melissa Griggs                       Mike Tosh
Tom Rolin                                         Bro Chris & Sis Kerri Bolt
Tiffany Shehan                                 Jackie Williams
Bill Kasten                                       Giles County Baptist Association
Shirley Bandy                                   Military Personnel
Betty Broadway                                The Lost
Sonny Miller                                     The Unborn
Ronnie, Samantha & Anna Wilson      Church Ministries
Robert Clark                                     Missionaries
Richard Rose                                     The Nation of Israel
Roger Smith                                      The United States of America