Elkton Baptist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021
The Family of Stacey Ridinger Shannon Roberts
The Lost Barry Curry 
The Unborn Virgie Curry
The United States of America Brandon Johnson
Elkton Baptist Church Vickie & Ken Lilley
Tiffany Allen Katelyn Allen
Tom Korman Bettie & Hershel Nichols
Clint Hatchett James Collins 
Nicki Kizer E. J. Irwin
Jim Fluharty Ruth Mitchell
Diane Brock J.O. Wallace
Victor & Anne Whitt Travis & Justin Mealer 
Greg Ammett Shannon Plunkett
Sid Trawick The Dobbins Family
Mary Agent Faye, Calan, & Jared Foster
Roger Teague Ray & Anelle Campbell
Addison Smith Bill Robbins
Billy Shannon Tony Gomillion
Judy Kolle Michael Bryan
Sister Nunley Danny Hardy
Mary Robin Gary Turner
Vicky Rau Bruce Barber Sr 
Sarah Addair Bro Chris & Sis Kerri Bolt 
Victor Gordon Giles County Baptist Association
Shirley Brumfeld Giles County School System
Patsy Parks Military Personnel 
Vicki Durham Church Ministries
Donnie Hill Jail Ministry 
Wanda Keonig Missionaries
Rosie Higginbotham The Nation of Israel
Ken Scarborough All affected by COVID-19
Jane McClure Health Care Community
Jeanene Merrell Leaders
James Roberts Emergency Services Personnel
Sarah Irvin Southern Baptist Convention
Eva & Sonny Smith CHO