Elkton Baptist Church
Monday, July 16, 2018
The Family of Kathleen Qualls James Miller
William Birdsong Dave Austin
Bill Mitchell Dale Morningstar
Jimmy Jones Allison Coleman
Owen Lewter Richard Rose
Daniel Motter Robbie Brunson 
Lacy Thomason Jimmy Hargrove
Betty Jordan Rex & Joyce Hubbard and Family
Mary Ann Stafford Sonny & Eva Smith
Sean Christensen George & Sherry Newman 
George Hurst Hilda Hargrove
Betty Riggs Danny Hardy
Brian Knapp Natalee Emerson
Mark Smith Gary Turner
Beckett Nelson Bruce Barber Sr 
Michael Bryan Mike Tosh 
Erik Miller Bro Chris & Sis Kerri Bolt 
Linda Mitchell Jackie Williams 
Jeff Howe Giles County Baptist Association
Marlin Fuller Military Personnel 
Rosemary Lewis The Lost
Donna Thomas The Unborn
John Williams Church Ministries
Stanley McConnell Missionaries
Jane King The Nation of Israel
Pat Murry The United States of America