Elkton Baptist Church
Thursday, September 29, 2022
The Family of E.J. Ervin Bonita Coulter
The Family of Diana Scott Bobby Franks
The Family of Leonard Keith Brown Gary & Linda Shawley
The Family of Jim Todd Mary McFarland
The Family of Mark Kerley Connie Woodall
The Lost Gary Turner
The Born and Unborn Brenda Ervin
The United States of America Rosemary Jones
Elkton Baptist Church Micky Turner
AWANA Robert Adams
Brad Smith Drew Brock
Ken & Vickie Lilley Shelia Konig
Alice George Della Faulk
Guy Gevadon Diane Brock
Ray Waylin Addison Smith
T.C. Fulford Sara Ervin
Veda Wright Barry & Jean Curry 
Gary Seedorf Virgie Curry
Mark Smith Ruth Mitchell
Kasey Watson Sister Shannon -Travis & Justin Mealer 
Rebecca Corners Bill Robbins 
Nathan Yant Tony Gomillion
Gayle Brooks Michael Bryan
Beth Hollingsworth  Bruce Barber Sr 
Deborah Mitchell Bro Chris, Kerri, & Family 
Dennis Massie Giles County Baptist Association
Tony & Debbie Rogers Military Personnel 
Russ Owens Missionaries
Rachel Hale The Nation of Israel
Jerry McConnell Leaders
Connie Blackwell CHO
Kathy Brooks Ms. Cookie and Prayer List
Ricky Pugh Vern & Martha Thomas
Brandi Griffin Jerry, Patsy, Janice, & Kenneth
Laurie Cox Diane Jackson
Angie Smith Dave Jefferson
Dana Franks Charlotte
Roger Watson Tina Motter
Victor Gordon Tina Stewart Family
Tim Risner Alan and Family
Sheila Davis Olen Stegall
Rosie Higginbotham Curtis
Mike & Carol Rainey