Elkton Baptist Church
Sunday, August 20, 2017
The Jesse Stafford Family Bobby Curry
Brantley Miller Patricia Ursery 
Kelly Noble Joe Self
Lincoln Oaks Smith Linda Shawley
Gina Downs Mary Ann Carter
Natalee Emerson Gary Turner
Jeanette Sanders Cathy Cothren
Jimmy Dunnavant Ron Wallace
LaGay Collins Bill & Margaret Harden 
Janice Davis Debbie Crabtree 
Tammy Miller Henry "Son" Carter 
Dwight Hamaker Donnie Parmley 
Victor Gordon John Cribbs 
Gary Roth James Miller 
Micky Bracken Bruce Barber Sr 
E.J. Ervin Jim and Mary Fortenberry 
Linda Rolin Mike Tosh 
Kathrine Oliver Brenna Bonner and Family 
Winston Sanders Bro Chris & Sis Kerri Bolt 
Alloween Norton Kathy Barber 
Patti Abernathy Jackie Williams 
Addison Gatlin Military Personnel 
George & Sherry Newman The Lost
Joey Hembry The Unborn
Helen Berzett Church Ministries
Phillip Gates Missionaries
Ann Smith The Nation of Israel
Nancy Jones The United States of America