Church HVAC Maintenance


Elkton Baptist Church is now accepting bids for HVAC Maintenance for the Year 2024


Johnny Hatchett


Service Start Date: 

March 1, 2024 (may be adjusted at discretion of Building and Grounds Team)

Description of Work:

Maintenance shall cover the facilities located at 490, 464, and 558 Market Street, Elkton TN (church buildings and parsonage). All HVAC equipment will be kept regularly serviced to prevent odors in the units, keep drains cleared, units and coils clean, refrigerant levels monitored, filters clean, etc.

Quarterly – Check all filters – replace only if needed. 

·       16 each – 15x20x2

·       13 each – 20x20x1

·       3 each – 16x25x1

·       3 each – 14x30x1 

Twice Yearly:

Check and performance maintenance of all air conditioning equipment for summer or winter as applicable, once in March, and once in September.

·       Clean all coils.

·       Monitor refrigerant levels.

·       Change all filters (as needed).

·       Change all blower belts (as needed).

·       Clear drains.

·       Test safety controls.

·       Test starter capabilities.

·       Clean and adjust blower components.

·       Measure airflow.

·       Ensure all electrical connections are tight.

·       Measure volts and amps to specifications.

·       Lubricate all moving parts as needed.

·       Check for possible future breakdowns

Maintenance should be scheduled at least one week prior with the POC listed above to ensure access is available to the required facility.


Invoices for maintenance should be submitted to:

Elkton Baptist Church

P O Box 128

Elkton TN  38455

It is important that taxes be omitted from invoices. A tax exemption form will be provided.


Bids accepted until February 10, 2024.  Please break out your bid as follows:

·       Price For Filters (Material)

·       Price for Changing Filters (Labor)

·       Total Price for Twice - Yearly Maintenance as described above

·       Price for Service Call

·       Price For Refrigerant (per pound)

·       Price per hour for repairs

Bids may be mailed to:

Elkton Baptist Church

Attn:  Building & Grounds Committee

P O Box 128

Elkton TN  38455

Or emailed to

Bids can also be emailed to the POC listed at the top of this document, or sealed in an envelope and hand delivered to any member of the EBC Building and Grounds Team. If there are any questions or to schedule a tour prior to quoting please contact the POC listed above.


Name of Business:       _______________________________________________________

Phone:                         _______________________________________________________

Email:                          _______________________________________________________

Price For Filters (Material): _______________________________________________________

Price for Changing Filters (Labor) :   ________________________________________________

Total Price for Twice-Yearly Maintenance as described above: _________________________

Price for Service Call: ___________________________________________________________

Price per hour for repairs: ________________________________________________________


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