Church Custodial Bid Duties


This agreement will be bid annually and is subject to mid-year review/evaluation for the benefit of all parties.

First consideration of winning bid will be given to church members.

This agreement may be discontinued by EBC or the employee with a minimum of two weeks written notice from one to the other.

               Individual winning bidder will become an employee of Elkton Baptist Church, compensation will be subject to applicable Federal, State                and Local taxes. W-2 forms will be provided to the employee at year end.

                  A Service Company/Contractor will be required to furnish Tax ID numbers, Certificate of Insurance and W-9 Certificate.


All supplies required for cleaning will be requested by the employee. Supplies must be purchased by one of the following methods:

·       Employee purchases and is reimbursed.

·       Employee requests EBC card and makes purchases and returns card and receipts to treasurer for reconciliation. 

·       Wholesale Supply Account established by Elkton Baptist Church.

NOTE:  Supplies should be purchased tax exempt whenever possible.  A Tennessee Tax Certificate of Exemption form is readily available from the church treasurer. 

Building 1:

Worship Center, All Classrooms, Library, Pastor’s Office, Church Office, Nursery, Sound Room, All Bathrooms, and Entrance Portico.

Building 2:

Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Classrooms, Old Worship Center, Basement, Entrance Points and Connecting Walkways, Bathrooms, Walkway Adjoining Buildings 1 and 2. 

Weekly Tasks:

·       Vacuum all rooms with carpet.

·       Sweep/dust mop all uncarpeted floors.

·       After sweeping, wet mop all uncarpeted floors.

·       Clean all areas on altar/choir loft and behind the area.

·       Check baptistry and clean as needed.

·       Clean all bathrooms, replace drying towels, hand soap, and toilet paper as needed.

·       Pour 5 gal of water into all floor drains and sinks.

·       Check for running toilets or faucets.

·       Empty waste cans and pick up any trash.

·       Place trash in outside receptacles for garbage pickup Monday Morning.

·       Collect and dispose of trash around the building and parking lot.

·       Notify Building and Grounds lead of any repairs that should be addressed.


·       Dust furniture in all rooms.

·       Check all rooms for dust, spider webs, or evidence of pest infestation.


·       Wet mop and buff hallways, fellowship hall and kitchen floor.

EBC Sponsored Events:

Additional Cleanings will be required for special EBC sponsored functions such as the Fall Festival, VBS, Fellowship Meals, etc. In these situations, any weekly duty relative to situation/event will apply.

Events not Sponsored by EBC:

Any special activities held in/on the EBC campus requiring cleaning afterwards is the responsibility of whomever scheduled the facility. EBC must be left in the condition that it was found. If the group using the facility requires the Employee to clean afterward, they must make arrangements to pay the employee directly for this service.