2024 Lawn Care Services


Elkton Baptist Church is now accepting bids for grounds maintenance services for the 2024 season.

Service Start Date:

April 1, 2023 (may be adjusted at discretion of Building and Grounds Team)

 Description of Work:

The Contractor will:

1.     Maintain all grassy areas surrounding the Elkton Baptist Church Campus, including the large fields to the east, behind the church, and the church parsonage, in a neat and visually pleasing manner

2.     Mow and trim all grass by conventional means (lawnmower, string trimmer, etc.) at least once per week, not earlier than Thursday

3.     Utilize a string trimmer or equivalent to edge around all buildings, including the Church Parsonage, along walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and around all plants, shrubs, and trees. This will also be done once per week, not earlier than Thursday.

4.     Schedule deviations due to extenuating circumstances (weather, schedule conflicts, etc) must be approved by the Elkton Baptist Building and Grounds Team. The Team must be notified no later than Wednesday of any week that the Contractor will not perform ground maintenance. No payments will be made for weeks maintenance is not performed.

5.     Prevent all grass clippings and debris from entering the HVAC systems located around the church buildings and parsonage by directing grass clippings away from the units

6.     Be held liable for any damages that occur while performing ground maintenance.

7.     Spray grass/weeds that grow in the church parking lots.


 Bids accepted until February 10, 2024.  Please submit a bid that reflects a single per event charge.

Bids may be mailed to:


Elkton Baptist Church

Attn:  Building & Grounds Committee

P O Box 128

Elkton TN  38455

Or emailed to jghatchett@gmail.com

This form may serve as the bid submittal document, or you may use any paper form as long as it is submitted as described above. Bids submitted as described will be considered after morning service on Sunday, Feb 26th, and results will be communicated that afternoon or as soon after as possible.



If you are awarded the bid, you will be required to complete a W-9 form and will receive a 1099-MISC form for your 2024 taxes.




Name:                    ____________________________________________________________


Phone Number:     ________________________________________________


Price Per Cut:       ____________________________________________________________


I submit my bid to Elkton Baptist Church to perform services in the capacity of ground maintenance for the year 2023 in accordance with the Description of Work above, beginning no later than the first week of April.


Signature: __________________________________________________      Date: _________________




From ______________________ To _____________________


Elkton Baptist Church accepts the above stated price for services described in the outline above.



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